Miroslava Duma is Fashionating.

I'm not stating anything new to anyone when I say that the internet is an overwhelmingly incredible source of fashion inspiration. It feels as though every day there is a new designer or stylish editor to keep an eye on. Bloggers, editors, photographers, designers, & budding stylists like myself, are glued to social media and the internet checking out what's what and who's who. 

I've just discovered Miroslava Duma. 

"Only now?" you say!

Well... Like I just said, it's overwhelming  trawling the latest and greatest and I'm doing my best to keep up. I swear.

Miroslava was recently featured in Vogue USA in April 2013, where I saw her for the first time, and Oh! boy is she a little pocket rocket. A petite little 5 footer, with an incredible knack of pulling off the brightest colours of the season, I'm honoured to have her as my desktop screensaver. What a style guru!

Miroslava runs Buro24/7 which will be launching in English in the not too distant future. In the meantime, use the power of the internet to translate the page. Or if you are like me, stare at the stunning images and imagine you're the lady in the heels.

I recently found a photo of Duma that just blew me away. Or more to the point, a 16th Century inspired outfit that is just to die for. Going completely against the grain, she is wearing a full ruff and puffy sleeve blouse under an elaborately detailed mini dress. Right down to the lace detailing of the sleeves, her outfit was just so... Regal. Oh! the inspiration.

I've recently spent a lot of time learning about fashion from by-gone era's and I love how dressmakers from hundreds of years ago inspire our modern designers. In almost every runway show or street style image, if you look hard enough, you can see the history of fashion evolving in front of your eyes.


xx T

P.s. Yeah I went there.


Giambattista & his Modern Couture Princess

I am LOVING this session so far, although, at this time I haven't seen a fabric flower that was necessary.

Giambiattista Valli had me fascinated with his take on how every modern princess would love to dress, well at least this one.

The first dress I've added here mesmerized me for a few minutes. I was in dream land traveling the world on the arm of my beau, just like a real life Princess!

All images from Style.com

Ps he's a bit of a looker too is he not?


Chanel Christmas

We've just had the Chanel couture show in Paris, heaven, was it not? After dreaming of a lavish Chanel wardrobe I remembered this little angel I saw in Martin Place just before Christmas. She was proudly carrying her Chanel bag but got a little shy when I asked her Daddy to take a photo for me.
Her little sister was wearing a similar dress, just as Christmassy Cute! Bless the little bunnies, so beautiful! Looks like she's already winning hearts, Prince Harry types & all!
If only hey girls!

P.s. this is my first post using the blogger app! Hopefully it works xx


Grazie for my Grigio

Two of my fave Aussie editors went into debate on the booze & schmooze question. Amy Molloy said no to a cocktail meeting, opting for a yoga class, while Amy Nelmes spat out her Mojito when asked if she'd give it up for her career. I read the article, swilled my vino and thought about it, agreeing with them both in the end.

Damn fence sitter I hear you call.  Let's regroup & think about this together.

I helped out on the bar at The Ones Xmas Party last year, pouring Alize on ice and meeting great new friends. I was definitely boozed, one for you and one for me scenario, so needless to say, as was everyone else. It was an awesome afternoon, one of the best in a while, and I certainly met people who I will hopefully have the chance to work with one day, styling shoots and utilising their awesome threads. If I hadn't arrived to help set up and offered to help behind the bar I'm not sure where this opportunity would have shown it's face again. This is certainly where I bat for the Nelmes team. That day they saw my true, fantastic, and slight drunk personality, I lent a hand with no intent, and from that I made contacts and got was given free threads (& booze), perfect!

My next personal example is where I'm on Molloy's side of the fence.

I went to Fuck You / I Am exhibition at Kind of Gallery, meeting one of NYC's finest who I kept boozed up, sticking to one wine for myself. I had just quit my job of almost 10 years & was certainly on the look out for new adventures. While he was telling stories over a few too many, I was reapplying my lipstick & staying focused. Yes, as Molloy says, it can be nerve racking at first (I was caught totally unprepared for this one as well, eek!), but once you realise that their ability to perceive is slightly tilted, you ease up and melt into the moment, soberly.

I'm an opportunist. If the opportunity calls for wine then I'm there with bells on, if opportunity calls for a slightly more sober approach then that's the way I'll play it. The one thing I do know, is that once the opportunity turns into an actuality, celebration calls for a champagne!

p.s. read the article for yourself & see what you think, it's in Issue 218 of Grazia!


2013... or just because

I'm not one who believes in New Years Resolutions. I figure, if you want to change something, change it now. Don't wait for a count down, fireworks, an all nighter and a severe hang over to change your routine. 

To be honest, my first week of 2013 has been littered with fantastic mistakes that I have never made before, leaving me feeling like a fool. I'm not going to go into them, cause I'm busy trying to forget them and they don't need to be cemented in cyber space. Let's just say they were expensive, embarrassing & things I need not repeat any time, ever.

So rather than try and inspire you to get fit, eat healthy or not drink too much (that covered 99.9% of resolutions didn't it?) I thought I might share with you a few minor things I'm investing my down time in! Brought to us by www.complex.com

Some of these I've heard of, some of these I haven't. Of course there are a few that didn't make the Complex cut, but... Any list can be changed and improved and added too, but what's the harm in ticking this one off. Reading any one of these books is bound to further you in some way, even if you [only] manage to improve your sex life. 

Some of these I've seen, some I'm waiting to download and some I'm having trouble finding.  So far, Tom Ford has inspired me to live and breathe whatever I choose to do, & Bill Cunningham has taught me that beauty is in everything. And I'm sure that the inspiration to be the best I can be will only be spurred on further as I continue to watch.


p.s. If you do have a New Years Resolution, go for it! Go for it! GO FOR IT!


The King at College

I'm sitting here tonight on the couch doing some research for a college assignment. I need to take 4 images, 2 of which I consider poor styling, 2 or which I consider excellent styling. So far I've flipped through lots of magazines, checked out magazines, blogs and street style. I'm in heaven. Heaven is in m little love nest. 

Here is my favourite inspiration to this point, photographer Benny Horne. Not only are his shots incredible, the stylist he works along side of is just phenomenal. Between The King Benny Horne, the stylists and the models, this is heaven. 

p.s. It took me so long to choose what to include, you need to go and have a look for yourself... http://benny-horne.com/e-d-i-t-o-r-i-a-l


Looking to replace your boyfriend(s)?

Your boyfriend JEANS that is....

Here are my top picks

What's what (L-R)


p.s. There is one other pair by Sessun in the WAD 10/10 issue #42 Aug 09... but I can't find an image for you. Once I get a scanner I'll jump on it. Promise