Wish List no. 1,309,547

Here's a few bits and pieces that will hopefully be found lying around our new apartment sooner, rather than, later.
1. Tanystropheus toy dinosaur from http://www.dinotoyblog.com
2. Thomas Paul Octopus pillow from http://www.designpublic.com
3. Sydney Opera House Lego set from the Opera House shop
4. Postcarden Botanical by Another Studio at http://matchcarden.com/
5. Fish Home from Urban Outfitters
6. Kitchen Bull by Toro Legno on Etsy 


Palette a plenty

When I was younger I worked in the warehouse of my grandfather's business. There were lots of forklifts, oversized rolls of glad wrap, bikini clad centrefold babes and palettes. So many palettes. That's where I'm claiming that my palette obsession came from. 

French by Design is an incredible blog that recently featured a few flicks of palette beds. So I'm thinking about a little more DIY. Note the magazine stack, relevant!

There's also a funky little restaurant in Surry Hills, Orto Trading, where I've never eaten but constantly admire for their décor. They have old signs as tabletops, lots of exposed brick and once loved furniture, but the crème de la crème for me is the graded palette stack with cute (bolted down) pot plants in wine buckets and glass jar candle holders. Very cool vibe, I guess I really should stop in!

I hope I don't become a 'gonna'... you know, I'm 'gonna' do it, (and then I never do?!). When (not if) I start building up a storm I promise there will be photos of the how, where and when of it.

Bloglovin update

Bloglovin... apparently it's a must.

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We have a love shack

We finally received approval for a new apartment! I'm so super excited. Big ups to my Mum for helping us out with the application side of things and the main man for doing the inspection.

Here are a few things that have me inspired and more excited than ever to make our house a home.

This is definitely a piece that has me excited to get DIY-ing ASAP. RealLiving featured a 'how to guide' in their May Makeover issue and I'm very excited to get it started. I love the industrial cool feel it gives off.

A little colour and pattern is always welcome in my world. I'm loving this IKEA textile.


 I love magazines, I'm always perusing the newsagency, trying not to walk out with armfuls of print. It doesn't always work. It's so hard for me to get rid of any of them and I'm definitely not a page cutter. Apartment Therapy have a few ideas on how to use magazines as furniture. I'm thinking that a goldfish might replace the pot plant in our version.

I love bookshelf displays, both of us have quite a number of toys and 'dodads' as well as some great photos that we want to display. The more personalised these displays the more homely the feel. In our version, there will be a lot more colour injected.