Modern Horseman

He's on a motorbike in a suit on George Street. You glance once, then head up, blinkers on, you know as well as he does that a helmet covers the eyes. Eyes are the most important feature of a man to you.
Then he's pulling up on Clarence Street, coffee in hand you keep your head up and the blinkers on, the swagger is adapted.
"Hey girlie, what are you drinking?"

You're still on the defensive from the last suit you dated, whose hands were softer than your new silk blouse. You remember thinking that he must have left his masculinity in the sandpit with his Tonka Truck, hadn't he done a day of hard work in his life?

"Double shot flat white. What are you riding?"
You know the answer is going to mean nothing to you. He knows this as well, because if you really knew bikes, you wouldn't have to ask.
"Why don't you leave the machinery to me and we'll make it a triple?"
What's the worst that can happen? You're in Syncity CBD at 7.30 am, and you're early anyway.

You keep your guard up and take your blinkers off, thank yourself for blow drying and straightening your mane for the first time in weeks and set off back into suit world.

After all, even an independent girl from the big smoke needs a knight in shining armour.


Got it made.

So you're just cruising along and you're doing your proverbial 'thang' you know, and everything is going swell.  You've got a little swagger in your walk and the chips on your shoulder are all but non-existent.

Then there's this tiny little thing that goes wrong, like an overdue bill or an incorrect pay check that means that your weekend has just turned from super socialite to super couchy. But like, you run with it cause whatever, there's always a tomorrow.

Tomorrow turns a little uglier doesn't it...! Something else goes wrong and you're thinking to yourself, "ok well that is a little worse than what went wrong just 24 hours ago but like whatever I guess I didn't really need those favourite earrings, cause there's plenty more where that came from."

Then some more of your plentiful life goes all topsyturvyshittylike and you're thinking to yourself, "well everything comes in threes right? It can only get better from here!"

Then a few days later something else comes crashing down and you're like, "well um... FUCK... so when it rains it bloody pours doesn't it." So you turn into this melodramatic quiet human who's thoughts are all over the place and who's tear ducts are flooding like Rockhampton.

Your new found negativity is growing on your face like a hairy mole and everyone picks it. You are pretty much making negative things happen around you just cause you aren't noticing the positive things... cause you're a melodramatic flood zone.

It takes a couple of days and a few people to smack you out of your phase. Initially you notice  something little, like how beautifully the sun shines on the buildings you can see from the balcony in the morning. These thoughts are emitting from the same brain that yesterday was thinking how terrible this early hour of the morning is, and how much you want to be in bed like every other normal human being you know.

Then something a little more exciting happens like you get a wink from a friend giving the go ahead to the next bar, where you happen to run into an old friend, or you realise that there is a muesli bar in your hand bag on the way home from work and that's perfect cause you are starving. So you're thinking to yourself, "Oh shit, really!.... Reeallyy...!! That is pretty good girlie, can you see how good that is?"

Something better happens then, you get a phone call from a boy you've been crushing on since like forever, or your jeans look ultra sexy with your new top that you bought with your corrected pay check, "Daaym girlie check it out the fail streak is over."

Then a few days pass and BOOM your attitude changes and you know you're onto a good thing. You are attracting the beauty to you and you can feel it from the inside out. Not only are things looking up but you have officially beaten the blues and you've got it made.

Got it made.