Such a spanner

There’s one song which brings out the secret singer/songwriter/rock star in me. Well actually there is one CD that does it to a certain extent but in particular “Little Sister” by Jewel makes me belt out chords that I didn’t know I had in me.
I remember being in a guitar lesson learning to play that song. My guitar teacher’s name was Kim, he always wore acid wash jeans and a leather jacket, his hair was perpetually greasy and he called me Spanner which I thought was super fucking awesome. I would bring in a CD, he would listen to a song and show me the chords at the same time, first or at most on the second play. I loved it, that half an hour was what got me through entire weeks. 

So we were playing Little Sister along to the CD, I was strumming my little 15 year old heart out and he was plucking away like a pro, it was fantastic. I was so into it, I had my eyes shut and my little gimic sway on, feeling like I was a lot more talented that I must have sounded. Then I started singing. I had never sung like that in front of anyone, let alone my music teacher whose opinion of my ability I highly regarded. I realized that I had stopped strumming and I was literally belting out the lyrics, once I realized that I opened my eyes and I at first was super embarrassed. I can’t sing to save my life but when I do sing as if I’m the most talented individual in the universe. EVER. 

So he tells me to keep going, to strum, or to sing, or try and do both, and I do. I just sorta go with it. The song itself is really short, so we hit repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

For about 15 minutes it was this same song over and over and I was just singing. Hard.
It was the best 15 minutes of my life.