Driftlab, Byron Bay

On those Byron streets, filled with diversity and culture, anything can happen.
Picture this:
Sunday morning, light rain, large hang over, no smokes, little cash and in desperate need of a coke &/or coffee.
After getting smokes and a mag (Real Living: this month worth the purchase) I go drifting down the street avoiding rain and the subsequent puddles lining the streets. WhyNot coffee shop for an amazing coffee (or two) a coke and a read... sunnies on.... I pick up a take away and head in the direction of a horizontal position... And then....

Merchandising and shop fit out which has visual impact and instantly draws you through what feels like a welcoming home foyer...
Comfy leather couch to sit and flick through the books that they stock or chill whilst friends, partners and acquaintances get their fit on.
Sick threads for the Sheila's and the Lads.
Not to mention the people working there, down right rad.
Hang over = Cured.

Unfortunately there is no website, there are however flicks from the shop-fitting company to have a little perv at!

Big ups
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