The King at College

I'm sitting here tonight on the couch doing some research for a college assignment. I need to take 4 images, 2 of which I consider poor styling, 2 or which I consider excellent styling. So far I've flipped through lots of magazines, checked out magazines, blogs and street style. I'm in heaven. Heaven is in m little love nest. 

Here is my favourite inspiration to this point, photographer Benny Horne. Not only are his shots incredible, the stylist he works along side of is just phenomenal. Between The King Benny Horne, the stylists and the models, this is heaven. 

p.s. It took me so long to choose what to include, you need to go and have a look for yourself... http://benny-horne.com/e-d-i-t-o-r-i-a-l

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