Grazie for my Grigio

Two of my fave Aussie editors went into debate on the booze & schmooze question. Amy Molloy said no to a cocktail meeting, opting for a yoga class, while Amy Nelmes spat out her Mojito when asked if she'd give it up for her career. I read the article, swilled my vino and thought about it, agreeing with them both in the end.

Damn fence sitter I hear you call.  Let's regroup & think about this together.

I helped out on the bar at The Ones Xmas Party last year, pouring Alize on ice and meeting great new friends. I was definitely boozed, one for you and one for me scenario, so needless to say, as was everyone else. It was an awesome afternoon, one of the best in a while, and I certainly met people who I will hopefully have the chance to work with one day, styling shoots and utilising their awesome threads. If I hadn't arrived to help set up and offered to help behind the bar I'm not sure where this opportunity would have shown it's face again. This is certainly where I bat for the Nelmes team. That day they saw my true, fantastic, and slight drunk personality, I lent a hand with no intent, and from that I made contacts and got was given free threads (& booze), perfect!

My next personal example is where I'm on Molloy's side of the fence.

I went to Fuck You / I Am exhibition at Kind of Gallery, meeting one of NYC's finest who I kept boozed up, sticking to one wine for myself. I had just quit my job of almost 10 years & was certainly on the look out for new adventures. While he was telling stories over a few too many, I was reapplying my lipstick & staying focused. Yes, as Molloy says, it can be nerve racking at first (I was caught totally unprepared for this one as well, eek!), but once you realise that their ability to perceive is slightly tilted, you ease up and melt into the moment, soberly.

I'm an opportunist. If the opportunity calls for wine then I'm there with bells on, if opportunity calls for a slightly more sober approach then that's the way I'll play it. The one thing I do know, is that once the opportunity turns into an actuality, celebration calls for a champagne!

p.s. read the article for yourself & see what you think, it's in Issue 218 of Grazia!

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