10 things you might know already...

1. Moisturise every day, everywhere
There is no excuse for dehydrated, scaly skin. It's terrible to look at and worse to touch.

2. Stop talking
Apparently 75% of oral communication is ignored, misunderstood or quickly forgotten.
If you don't shut your mouth, you may as well wave goodbye to the last 25% too.

3. Get out of your work clothes
It is important to separate your hectic, stressful schedule at work from home. Invest in some lounge wear, turn off your Blackberry and close the office door.
Both physically and metaphorically.

4. If you said Yes (or No), then mean that.
We are all entitled to a change of mind or excused due to dire circumstances but too often we RSVP to an event, a phone call or a promise, and never come through.
Do your best... be reliable.

5. The world might explode.
All opportunities are worth a little exploration time.
Things aren't always what they seem and they can be what you make them.
Take the opportunity today because it might not be on offer tomorrow.

6. Create your signature.
A cravat is a little extreme but all know who I am talking about... !
Make yourself memorable... just don't let an oversize hanky define you.

7. If they aren't on your level, find those who are.
Surround yourself with people who motivate you, make you smile and who you can relate to.
I'm not advocating a friendship cull.
Certain people can and will lift you... find them.

8. Go to sleep.
A few hours here and there won't keep you operating at your highest potential.
Shut your eyes, switch off and get in your minimum 7 hours.
See what happens....

9. Find your pump up song.
Crank it.
Sing it.
For all I care invent yourself a little dance... but bring on the endorphins.

10. First thing in the morning...
Open your eyes... and smile. It will change your outlook and change your life.

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