There is a girl who has all the characteristics of a butterfly...

She is wondrous in her beauty and holds herself in the most elegant of ways. Her every action reflects her sophisticated nature and proves her natural intelligence to all who she comes across.

This beautiful creature, who is destined to achieve greatness, surrounds herself with beauty to soak into her soul and resolves to pass it on to the world she will have as hers.

In every aspect of her life she sees positivty, even in the most dire of circumstances. The people whom she cares about and who care about her, anticipate greatness, and support her in every action.

As she grows older and wiser she begins to truly blossom. Exploring every pathway that is opened to her she sees the world as beautiful as she makes it her own.

You could be her too... if you wanted.

What have you done lately to bring beauty and joy to those around you...

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