In like Flynn

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Flynn who lived on the south east coast of a very big and beautiful island. The island where Flynn lived was a very spiritual island. When a baby was born each one was given a gift from the ancestors. When Flynn was a baby everybody recognised that he was a little more gifted than anyone else.

You see Flynn had Super-Gift-Powers. Flynn could change the colour of everything and anything in front of him just by using his imagination. As a child Flynn would go on walks through the island to practise his Super-Gift-Power. Changing the colour of everything that surrounded him, the trees, the flowers, the houses and the buildings. He couldn't do it in the town because the other people were jealous of his talents.

One day some of the older children from his town followed him on one of his favourite walks. These village children were not very nice. They were the bullies at Flynn's school and were known all across the island for terrorising the people. Flynn was only minding his own business, letting his imagination run wild, enjoying himself painting the town.

These boys were jealous of Flynn's Super-Gift-Powers and yelled at him. They called him terrible names, they threw things at him and they made him very upset and scared. Flynn thought that he was in danger and had he to get away from them. Two bullies chased him all around the town before he managed to scramble underneath a fence, finding himself in a train yard. He found a hiding place between a huge container and an old abandoned train carriage.

He began to imagine big pictures and words around him. All over the train carriages and the storage containers around him, his story began to appear. Then he imagined that all these pictures were flashing and changing into all the colours of the rainbow.

The bullies were dazed and confused by the strobe light effects that the colour explosions we making. They knew that Flynn was behind the strange pictures that were flashing around them and they were scared. They ran away back into the town.

All the people across the island were so pleased when the bullies stopped terrorising them. From that day on Flynn was allowed to roam the streets and put his pictures where ever he wanted.

& Flynn was finally free to let his imagination and Super-Gift-Powers take him where his heart desired.

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