Late News 'The Violence to end 2010'

 Report states;

Fight #1 
It is believed that a group of approximately 5 teenage girls began an all out brawl near the back seat of a bus, en route to Lilyfield via Booth Street, approximately 1745 this evening. Incident resulted in the police phoned and innocent passenger assaulted.
Fight #2 
This evening approximately 2305 a crazy group of men, who by the sounds of the continual and offensive swearing were somewhat intoxicated, appeared to have left the North Annandale pub in a state of criminal insanity. There was a lot of violence threatened and the mention of an AVO being taken out by one man against another. The action occurring is occurring currently, out the front of my swell little home.
Room mate; "Can you hear that drunk guy yelling? I'm going to lock the door eh"
Me; "yea good idea, he's going bonkers"

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