10 things that make me go "ooh ahh .."

1. Glenn McGrath (it had to be done... didn't it?)

2. Diane von Furstenburg's retreat in Conneticut 'Cloudwalk' - featured in InStyle UK November 2010

3. This little find in frankie's bits

4. Tabouleh from the local Johnston Street grocer.

5. Alexa Chung - (although not as much as this dedicated stalker)

6. http://seaofshoes.typepad.com/ (& check out her room in Rue Magazine

7. The update on my iPhone which means I can now zoom-in, for something so 'advanced' it took a bloody long time

8. Vintage store finds, it really is the ultimate bargain on Sunday morning that makes my world go round

9. Double shot flat white with a smile in the morning from the cute barista at QVB

10. The view of the fireworks from my balcony, sometimes it's no more than a stray flare, but it's a view none the less

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