Pirate Pjs.

Sometimes it's the smallest things that remind us of who we are.

I have to wear matching Pj's and socks to bed. My burger pillow has to be there with my monkey and there must be music on, to the likes of DJ Shadow or Danger Mouse. The best way to fall asleep is with new sheets and rain on a tin roof.

And there's nothing like Pirate Pj's to bring out the little girl sneaking around behind the curtains.

Matchbox cars, they are good for bringing her out as well. There's nothing like a matchbox car to drive back and forward, and to drift around the legs of the dining room table.

Colouring in, I love colouring in. I love colouring in Ariel from The Little Mermaid. That's fun. She's fun.

Will you be my Flounder?

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