How youse gooeenn..

You meet someone at an event. There's a spark with lethal amperage. All of a sudden, despite your age, sex, experience and dignity, you being to act like a teenage girl, crushing on the boy sitting in front of you in roll call.

You chat, giggle, blush, the spark becoming an attraction that makes you want to throw up. You hope and pray that someone has developed an App that can stop time.
No such luck.
Event is over.
Digits are divulged.
You hope that you haven't been given the rejection hotline

(0419 317 446 - NB: I googled. Not received).

Quick Facebook stalk in the cab on the way home...

Then the games begin. You ask yourself life's big questions.

Will he/she call?
Should I be the one to call?
No? Yes? When?
Do you think he/she liked me?

Another Facebook stalk... maybe he/she updated their status... "I met the person of my dreams last night".....

No such luck.

Then... the phone makes some kinda of musical-vibratey-noise.

"Mum... I can't talk right now... Mum I'm waiting for a very important phone call... I'll e-mail you...Bye"

Quick... check that call waiting is activated. Oh phew.

Ok it's been 14 hrs 56 mins and 27 secs. My death is impending. Ring damnit.

Heaven on earth the phone rang.

Then... the fatal grammatical error...
"What are youse doin on Saturday... How's dinner and drinks sound?"

You remember you have to wash your hair.

O V E R .

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